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Variability of polarization relationship in the case of resonant scattering of radio waves by sea surface.

A. S. Zapevalov, I. P. Shumeiko, M. I. Ozhiganova 

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Moisture content of the troposphere in the Baikal region on data of GPS measurements.
M. G. Dembelov, Yu. B. Bashkuev, A. V. Loukhnev, O.F. Loukhneva, V. A. Sankov

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Impact of variability of physicochemical characteristics of the marine environment on the accuracy of remote definition of wind speed.
F. V. Kuzmin

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Development of broadband radar absorbing material possessing high-level operating performance.

V. I. Ivanova, S. G. Kibets, I. I. Krasnolobov, A. N. Lagarkov, A. A. Politiko, V. N. Semenenko, V. A. Chistyaev

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Experimentally obtained spectra of the millimeter waves' attenuation, absorption and scattering from dry fresh snow.
V. A. Golunov, A. V. Kuzmin, D. P. Skulachev, G. I. Kchokchlov

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A simple method of research of electromagnetic radiation from the electronic equipment
Z. M. Gizatullin, M. G. Nuriev, M. S. Shkinderov, F. R.  Nazmetdinov

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Method of analysis of characteristics of circular multilayered waveguides based on the model of equivalent radial transmission lines.
Yu. Mitelman, E. Malov

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Implementation of a radar based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals ensemble.
A. A. Rodovich, A. A. Seryakov, P. N.Zakharov, M. A. Polischuk
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On a possibility of detecting of thawing soil depth in permafrost zones by GNSS signals.
M. G. Dembelov, Yu. B. Bashkuev, V. B. Khaptanov, A. M. Dembelova, A. V. Loukhnev
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Downward 3 mm wavelength radio emission from the atmosphere in the highlands.
K. Sh. Ashymkanov

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Microwave characteristics of composite magnetic material based on Z – type hexaferrite.
O. A. Dotsenko, K. O. Frolov.

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The height dependence of the field of the surface electromagnetic wave over the ice sea radio path at a frequency of 500 kHz.
Yu. B. Bashkuev, M. G. Dembelov
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Measurement of sea surface slopes according to the quasi-vertical radio sounding in microwave range.
A .S. Zapevalov.
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Measurement error correction of S-parameters in determining the complex permittivity and permeability of magneto-dielectric composites in free space using the diaphragm.
K. M. Baskov, A. A. Politiko, V. N. Semenenko, V. A. Chistyaev
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Geoelectric characteristics of the coastal area of the lake Baikal middle part according to VLF-LF radioimpedance  sounding.

Yu. B. Bashkuev,  V. B. Khaptanov, D. G. Buyanova,  L. Kh. Angarkhaeva,  M. G. Dembelov
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The exponent of the frequency dependence of microwave backscattering from dry snow and artificial snow-like media.

V. A. Golunov, G. I. Kchokchlov
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The application of Fresnel-Airy model for research of resonance oscillations of plane electromagnetic waves..

M. G. Evtikhov
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Surface impedance of anisotropic environment over hydrocarbon deposits in the regime of radio-pulse signals.
V. F. Yanushkevich
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Accounting for surfaces irregularities in the analysis of multipath propagation of radio waves indoor.
A. I. Panychev, A. V. Maksimov, A .A. Vaganova
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Earth surface distribution of a low frequency field strength generated in a disturbed region of the low ionosphere.
A. V. Moshkov, V. N. Pozhidaev
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Modelling of on-board measurements in the case of demodulated low frequency field in the low-altitude ionosphere.
A. V. Moshkov, V. N. Pozhidaev
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Algorithm of recognition of acoustic, optical, electric signals from weak sources in the presence of a known background.
A. V. Gerus, Y. V. Savchenko, V. P.  Savorskiy
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Method of diagnostics of layered structures in the atmosphere and ionosphere during occultation.
A. L. Gavrik, M. I. Bondarenko, A. A. Smislov, T. F. Kopnina
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Experimental performance estimation of neural network equalizer with learning in multipath radio frequency channel.
D. R.Valiullin, P. N.Zakharov

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Experimental research of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves communication in earth core and waveguide “Earth-ionosphere” made by Fryazino Branch of the Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

A. M. Ryazantsev

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Use of information on troposphere dynamics in radiothermal remote sensing of the vertical atmospheric humidity profile.

D.M. Ermakov

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Faraday rotation of a polarization plane of over horizon UHF radar signals.
A. V. Moshkov, V. N. Pozhidaev

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Refraction parameters in the near-polar points of observation of Tiksi, Norilsk and Vize Island.

M. G. Dembelov, Yu. B. Bashkuev, A. V. Loukhnev

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Features of the microwave radiation scattering in dry fluffy snow.

V. A. Golunov, S. V. Marechek, G. I. Kchokchlov

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About coordinates of reflected spot center in bistatic sounding of the Moon.

O. V. Yushkova, R. A. Rudamenko, V. V. Yushkov, A. V. Tertyshnikov

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The Season and Diurnal Cycles of Surface Level Refractivity on Electromagnetic Wave Path in Lagos, Nigeria

J. A. Falade, S. O. Adesanya

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Estimation of rain attenuation at microwave bands in Nigeria.

G. A. Akinyemi, J. A. Falade, L. B. Kolawole

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Errors in the determination of electron density in solving the inverse problem of occultation of the Venusian daytime ionosphere.

A. L. Gavrik

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Possibilities of using radio-physical remote sensing methods for monitoring locust egg capsules location.

A. A. Kalinkevich, B. G. Kutuza, V. M. Masyuk, K. A. Vytovtov, E. A. Barabanova, M. F. Bulatov, M. I. Gaponov, V. N. Kurenkov, E. S. Brodskiy

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 Excitation of surface waves on a perfect conducting cylinder with nonlinear loads covered with a layer of metamaterial.
N. N Gorbatenko, D. V. Semenikhina

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 Laboratory method of experimental study of the regularities of microwave thermal radiation of dry snow cover.
V. A. Golunov

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 Radio wave measurements in the region of the Arctic Tiksi settlement.
Yu. B. Bashkuev, M. G. Dembelov, V. B. Khaptanov, V. P. Melchinov

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 Increasing the resolution ability of the radar complex RLC-L for the spacecraft "Luna-Resurs-1".
B. V. Chernyshev, I. N. Dutyshev, V. M. Smirnov

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