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(zhurnal radioelektroniki)

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Magnetic Induction Tomography.
A.V. Korjenevsky, V.A. Cherepenin.

Electrons Sheet Model: Classical and Nonclassical Radiation Effects.
A.S. Ilyin, V.V. Kulagin, V.A. Cherepenin.

Excitation of Conductive Cylinder in Layered Ground by the Field of Plane Electromagnetic Wave.
V.S. Semenov , A.V. Nevedomsky, V.G. Dybovsky.

Correlation Between the Antenna Radiated Scattered Fields Interaction and the Radiation Pattern.
 G.A. Yerokhin, V.G. Kocherzhevsky.

           Results of Research of Structure of a Near Field.
          G.A. Yerokhin, V.G. Kocherzhevsky, A.A. Petrovsky.

On mode dispersion properties of chiral optical planar waveguides.
S.V. Demidov , K.V. Kushnarev , V.V. Shevchenko

Excitation of Two Conductive Cylinders in a Layered Ground by the Field of Plane Electromagnetic Wave.
V.S. Semenov, A.V. Nevedomsky, V.G. Dubovsky.

  Multi-band Electronically Scanned Antennas of Centimeter and Millimeter Wave Ranges.
Nikolai A. Bei.

A New Analitical Method of Solving  2D-Diffraction Problems.
Michael V. Vesnik.

  On Polarization Characteristic of Reflector Antennas.
Boris L. Kogan.

  Waveguide Power Divider.
S.E. Bankov.

  Radiation From An Array of Slotted Radiators.
S.E. Bankov.

The Influence of Impedance Surface of a  Circular Cylinder on the Radiating Characteristics of Cross-Dipoles.
D.D.Gabriel’yan, M.Yu. Zvezdina, P.I. Kostenko. 

Study of Electromagnetic Wave Backscattering from Structures with Anisotropic Conductivity.
Y. N. Kazantsev, V.N. Apletalin , V.S. Solosin, A.S. Zubov.

Control of Backscattering by Corrugated Structures and Small-Period Gratings.
Y. N. Kazantsev, V. N. Apletalin, A. N. Kozyrkov, V. S. Solosin, A. S. Zubov.

The Electromagnetic Field of a Linear Alternating Current in Flat Schistose Environment.
V. S. Semenov, V. G. Dybovsky, A.V. Nevedomsky.

Diffraction of Plane Electrtomagnetic Waves on Hollow Dielectric Cone.
L.M. Minokin.

The Excitation of Impedance Surface of a Circular Cylinder by Longitudinal Electric Dipole.
Gabriel’yan D.D., Zvezdina M.Yu., Kostenko P.I.

Control of Radioactivity Level by Measurements of Background Radiothermal Radiation Fluctuations Intensity.
V.P. Yakubov, S.N. Kovtun, D.V. Losev.

Interaction of Super Strong Electromagnetic Pulse with Dense Plasma Layer.
 V. A. Cherepenin, A. S. Il'in, V. V. Kulagin, S. L. Ziglin.

About Possibility of Laser Acceleration of Plane Electron's Sheet.
V.A. Cherepenin, A.S. Il'in, V.V. Kulagin.

Using of noncoherent radiation for absorbing media tomography.
V.P. Yakubov, D.V. Losev.

The Field of Circumferential Electrical Dipole Placed Near Impedance Circular Cylinder.
M. Yu. Zvezdina.

Plane Wave Diffraction by Two-dimensional Gratings of Inductive and Capacitive Coupling Elements.
Yu. N. Kazantsev, V. P. Mal’tsev, E.S. Sokolovskaya, A. D. Shatrov.

The Excitation of Impedance Surface of a Circular Cylinder by Circumferential Electric Dipole.
D. D. Gabriel'yan, M. Yu. Zvezdina, Yu. A. Zvezdina, P. I. Kostenko, S. N. Marchenko

An Electromagnetic Analysis of a Coupled Dielectric Waweguide Band Pass Filter.
S. E. Bankov, S. Meri

A Proposed Experiment of Direct Detective of the Vector Potential Within Classical Electrodynamics.
V. Onoochin

Smart Antenna Base Station Beamformer for Mobile Communications.
V. Zaharov F. Casco, O. Amin  

Dynamic Instability of a Motioning Charges in a Constant Nonuniform Magnetic Field.
S. V. Porshnev

Smart Antenna Application for Satellite Communication Systems  with Space Division Multiple Access
V. Zaharov, F. Casco, M. Gutierrez

The Differential Equations for the Decision of Tasks of Dispersion of Electromagnetic Waves in Time Domain Mode
N. Klimov, B. V. Sestroretsky

On the Radiation from the Open End of a Circular Metal-Dielectric Waveguide.
M. V. Vesnik, V. A. Kaloshin

The analysis of  theoretical and experimental research of the influences of dielectric properties inspected half-spaces on parameters of linear dipole antennas.
A.C. Shostak, S.P. Lukjanov, A.R. Duma, V.V. Zagockin, O.V Stukach.

Ways of propagation of short waves in a flat reflecting layer of an ionosphere.
V. P. Pashintsev, S. A. Tishkin, M. A. Solchatov.

Calculation of the plane polarized electromagnetic wave reflection from lumpy chiral layer.
D. N. Panin, V. V. Zaitsev, G. P. Yarovoy

Effect of the impedance surface of circular cylinder on the radiation of arbitrary oriented dipole.
M. Yu. Zvezdina

Using of illuminators with asymmetrical illuminating pattern   for increase of energetic effect of antenn array.
S. O. Tarasenko

Effect of the impedance surface properties on the scattering characteristics of circular cylinder.
M. Yu. Zvezdina , S.N. Marchenko

Effect of the impedance surface of circular cylinder on the radiation of radial electrical dipole.
M. Yu. Zvezdina

Equivalent track of decameter wave propagation in spherically stratified ionosphere.
V. P. Pashintsev, S. A. Tishkin, A. A. Smirnov, I.I. Borovliov

The Dynamic Permittivity Calculation of Media Having Magnetic and Electric Components.
V.I. Shcheglov

Effect of an impedance surface on the radiation of cruciform radiators.
M.Yu. Zvezdina

Algorithm of Determination of the Angle of Signal Arrival with the Help of Density-tapered Array.
A.B. Gaiduchenko

Calculation of interconnection of cruciate vibrators in the presnce of impedance circular cylinder.

High resolution capability of adaptive antenna arrays for communication systems.
G.V. Serebryakov, S.A. Tiraspolsky

Metod of formation of realizable specified directional diagram in the problems of array antenna synthesis.
S.E. Mischenko.

Direct and reverse electromagnetic waves in the composite medium, consisting of magnetic and electrical elements.
V.I. Scheglov.

Plane antenna array synthesis using Tsernike polinomial.
S.E. Mischenko.

Amplitude surfaces of slowing structure dispersion.
V.A. Solntsev, D.Yu. Nikonov.

Quasione-dimensional Optical Grid Generation in Second-degree-nonlinear Medium by Crossed Beams of Reference Frequency.
A.P. Sukhorykov, D.A. Chuprakov.

Modelling of Reflector-type Antenna Short Field and it's Measurements by the Electrical Oscillator.
A.G. Davydov, V.A. Kaloshin.

Simulation of Electromagnetic Field Distribution in Photonic Crystal Waveguide.
A. S. Logginov, A. Sh. Majorov

Numerical Analysis of Waveguides and Waveguide Elements in EBG Structures.
S. E. Bankov, M.D. Duplenkova

The numerical analysis of reflections of the flat polarized electromagnetic wave from a non-uniform magnetodielectric layer.
D.N. Panin

Simulation of selective optical elements based on ring resonator taking into account compensation of loss.
A. S. Logginov, A. Sh. Majorov.

Synthesis of Impedance Cylinder.
Jean-François D. Essiben

Method of impedance analog of electromagnetic space for two-dimensional electrodynamics problems.
S.A. Ivanov, B.V. Sestroretsky

Super Resolution in the Waveguide Inverse Light Scattering Problem.
A. A. Egorov

Simulation of a Gregory-type aplanatic  two-reflector offset antenna.
Kaloshin V.A, Frolova E.V.

On Superfocusing of a Flat Lens of Negative Material.
V.V. Shevchenko

About numerical simulation of the field in focus domain of ideal Veselago lens with limited size.
A.P. Anioutine

Simulation of a Gregory-type Aplanatic  Two-reflector Offset Antenna.
V. A. Kaloshin, E.V. Frolova

Eigenoscillations of Waveguide Plane Junctions.
N.G. Don, A.A. Kirilenko

Approximate analytical expressions for reflection coefficient of electromagnetic wave in case of anisotropic chiral layer.
R.E. Naurzalin

Investigation of a Ridge Horn Radiator
V.I. Kalinichev, V.A. Kaloshin

Matching of a tag antenna with a chip for UHF RFID applications.
S. Andrenko,  À. A. Babaskin, V. I. Kalinichev, A.G. Kurushin

Wideband Dielectric Horn Radiator.
V. I. Kalinichev, V. A. Kaloshin

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