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 Digital broadband multichannel receiver with subsampling operation analysis.
D. V. Kondakov, A. P. Lavrov

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 Assessment of energy characteristics of radio lines of perspective systems of satellite broadband access for airmobile subscribers.
À. V. Nesterov, A. A. Lelyukh, G. V.Kulikov, N. S. Gavrikov
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 Interleaving in channel coding: properties, structure, applications.
A. Y. Barinov
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 Quasi-optimal method of multiposition passive coordinate measurement with account of interference.
Yu.G. Bulychev, A.A. Mozol, A.G. Kondrashov, A.V. Yachmenev, P.Yu. Radu, A.S. Braslavtsev

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 Analysis of noise immunity of receiving signals with quadrature amplitude modulation in the presence of scanning interference.
G. V. Kulikov, A. A. Lelyuh

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 Transceiver antenna of decimetric wavelength range.
M. A. Laptev

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 An algorithm for processing of wideband signals propagating in mediums with frequency dispersion.
A. A. Kalshchikov, V. V. Shtykov

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 Noise immunity of a coherent reception of signals with multiple phase shift keying in the presence of retranslated interference.
Nguyen Van Dung

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 Self-compensating method of passive location under conditions of prior uncertainty with the use of conical surface of emitting target position.
Yu. G. Bulychev, I. L. Sirenko

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 The approach to calculating the energy gain in the formulation of interference to the frame alignment system of satellite communication lines.
S.A. Lutsenko

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 The method of determining the mutual time delay of radar signals with continuous frequency-modulated radiation at the points of reception of the difference-ranging system.
I. F. Kupryashkin, A. V. Evlakov

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 Quasi-optimal demodulation of the mixture narrow-band signal and additive non-Gaussian noise with band-limited spectrum.
V. M. Artyushenko, V. I. Volovach

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 Correlation estimation for digital communications using transmitted reference technique with wideband random noise waveforms.
V. I. Kalinin

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  Brief experience of development and first results of practical use of small-sized FMCW SAR on a multicopter.
I. F. Kupryashkin, V. P. Likhachev, L. B. Ryazantsev

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  Methods of dealing with interference in PLL frequency synthesizers.
P. A. Tolkachev

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  Logical synthesis of antenna array on the basis of the theory of fuzzy sets.
D. S. Makhov
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  Probabilistic estimation of radar signal detection by digital antenna array with spatial correlation method of signal processing.
I. M. Oroshchuk, A. N. Suchkov, S. L. Melnik, M. V. Soloviev
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  Spatial-temporal processing of signals in radar and electronic suppression: limitation of possibilities.
Yu. N. Gorbunov, G. L. Akopyan
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  Methods of ultrashort pulse identification of parameters of material media by the configuration of non-stationary fields in radio vision.
M. S. Kostin, P. V. Sevryugin, I. A. Steshin
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  Noise immunity of reception of signals with quadrature amplitude modulation in the presence of interference with phase-shift keying.
G. V. Kulikov, A. A. Lelyuh, E. V. Batalov, P. E. Kuzelenkov
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  The emergence property in a system of independently functioning generators using the method of statistical frequency stabilization.
D. D. Gabriel’an, O. A. Safaryan
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  Sensing signals with zero autocorrelation zone for the synthesized aperture radar.
R. N. Ipanov
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  Scale physical hydroacoustic modeling of short-range synthetic aperture radar for light UAVs.
V. N. Trofimov
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  Method for calculating full-polarized range-angle radar portraits of moving objects in radars with inverse aperture synthesis.
S.V.Yakubovskiy, A.V.Alferev, D.V.Frolov
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  Forming a volumetric ISAR images.

S. I. Moryakov, S. M. Nesterov, I. A. Skorodumov
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  Attenuation factor calculation for backscattering from the terrain using the parabolic equation technique.

Akhiyarov V.V.
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  Registration and authentication of non-stationary fields of USP signals of radio-vision of subnanosecond resolution.

Kulikov G.V., Kostin M.S.
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  Obtaining radar characteristics of objects via movable wideband radar measuring set.

Gromov A.N., Zolotarev V.A., Oleinik V.M., Skokov P.N.
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  Estimation of interference effects on pilot subcarriers of OFDM-signal of the IEEE 802.11n.

Titov K.D., Zavalishina O.N.
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  Detection of coherent sequence of rectangular shape ultra-wideband quasi-radio signal.

Korchagin Y.E., Titov K.D., Zavalishina O.N.
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  An experimental evaluation of the wideband radar measuring set sensitivity.

Oleinik V.M., Skokov P.N.
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  Adaptive forming and adjusting clusters of multi-beam hybrid mirror antenna for stabilizing the energy potential of a satellite communications system in changing thermal circumstances.

Mochalov V.V., Romanov A.G., Danilov I.Yu., Choni Yu.I.
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  Efficiency of threshold method for optimizing bit error Rate and throughput in MIMO system WITH feedback.

Elokhin A.V., Sorokin I.S., A.G. Flaksman A.G.
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  Electronic stabilization of the beams of a satellite communications system using a sparse network of ground beacons.

Romanov P.V., Choni Yu.I., Romanov A.G.
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  Methodology for quick measurement of effective scattering area of radar objects on matching and cross polarizations.

Gribkov V.S.
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  Analysis of the effect of nonuniform passive interference on the characteristics of detection of inter-period processing.

Chukhlomin I.E., Ryumin R.B., Pavlik V.V., Faizulin N.A.
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