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Dispersion of complex dielectric permittivity and conductivity of TlGaSe2 single crystals at radio frequencies.
 S. N. Mustafaeva
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Dependences of frequencies on a field in spectrum of the magnetostatic surface wave and their use for definition of the magnetic parameters of the ferrite films.
V. V. Shagaev, Tun Tun Lin
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Manipulation of micro- and nanoobjects applying a device with shape memory effect.
A. V. Mashirov, V. A. Dikan, A. V. Irzhak, D. I. Zakharov, P. V. Mazaev, A. M. Zhikharev, A. P. Kamantsev, V. S. Kalashnikov, V. V. Koledov, A. V. Shelyakov, V. G. Shavrov

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Study of load characteristics of microactuator with shape memory effect using scanning probe microscopy.
P. V. Mazaev, A. V. Mashirov, V. V. Koledov, D. V. Kolesov, I. V. Yaminsky, A. V. Irzhak, D. I. Zakharov, V. A. Dikan, A. P. Kamantsev 

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The intrinsic radiation and electromagnetic wave reflection coefficient in the range of 8 mm of Ni2,14Mn0,81GaFe0,05 and Ti-Ni alloys in the temperature interval near the phase transitions of the 1st and 2nd order.
I. V. Bychkov, V. A. Golunov, D. S. Kalenov, A. P. Kamantsev, D. S. Kuchin, V. V. Koledov, D. A. Kuzmin, V. V. Meriacri, S. V. von Gratowski , M. P. Parkhomenko, A. V. Mashirov, V. G. Shavrov

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SME amorphous-crystallinr composite obtained by focus ion beam.
V. S. Afonina, V. V. Koledov, V. A. Dikan, A. V. Irzhak, A. P. Kamantsev 

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Influence of deformation and heat treatment of polycrystalline Ni2.19Fe0.04Mn0.77Ga alloy on the microstructure evolution and development of the martensitic transformation.
I. I. Musabirov, I. M. Safarov, I. Z. Sharipov, R. R. Mulyukov,  A. V. Mashirov, V. V. Koledov

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The study of the nucleation layer defects influence on leakage in heterostructures for high electron mobility transistors.
A. A. Andreev, Yu. V. Grishchenko, I. S. Ezubchenko, M. L. Zanaveskin, I. O. Mayboroda, M. A. Rudik, Yu. V. Fedorov

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Magnetodeformation effect of the elastomer with the magnetized polydisperse spherical inclusions.
A. A. Pan’kov

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The limitation of noise equivalent power by background radiation for infrared superconducting single photon detectors coupled to standard single mode optical fibers.
K. Smirnov, Y. Vachtomin, A. Divochiy, A. Antipov, G. Goltsman

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Local measurement of dielectric properties of materials by terahertz Josephson spectroscopy.
A. V. Snezhko, V. V. Pavlovskiy, V. N. Gubankov, V. I.Pokalyakin

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Equivalent circuit of planar open ring resonator interacting with Josephson junction in terahertz frequency range.

A.    Snezhko, V. Pavlovskiy, V. Gubankov

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Simulation of flicker noise in bicristal Josephson junctions.

V. N. Gubankov,  V.V. Pavlovskiy, A.V. Snezhko
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Features of formation of amorphous phase on the surface of the functional alloy Ti2NiCu under selective etching by gallium ions.

V. S. Afonina, A. V. Irzhak, V. V. Koledov, V. G. Shavrov, V. A. Dikan, V. A. Podgorny
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The diode heterostructures for ÒÍz devices.
D. G. Pavelyev, A. P.Vasilev, V.A. Kozlov, Yu. I. Koschurinov,
E. S.Obolensky, S. V.Obolensky, V. M. Ustinov
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Martensite phase transformation and shape memory effect in a microwire alloy Ni-Ti.
A. V. Petrov, V. A. Andreev, V. S. Kalashnikov, V. V. Koledov, V. G. Shavrov, D. V. Gunderov
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Phase transformations and functional properties of intermetallic Ni-Ti based shape memory alloys after processing and post deformation heat treatment.
V. S. Kalashnikov, V. V. Koledov, A. V. Petrov, D. V. Gunderov , V. A. Andreev, V. G. Shavrov, D. V. Kuchin, R. M. Gizatullin

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Cryogenic bolometer with suspended absorber.
M.Tarasov, V.Edelman, M.Fominsky, R.Yusupov, A.Yurgens 

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Growth of high-temperature AlN and AlGaN layers on sapphire substrates using ammonia MBE.

Yu. V. Grishchenko, I. S. Ezubchenko, M. L. Zanaveskin, I. O. Mayboroda, M.Y u. Presniakov

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Measurements of the linewidth of Josephson junction with injectors.
M. E. Paramonov, E. B. Goldobin, V. P. Koshelets

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Adiabatic superconducting cells for energy-efficient neural networks: physical foundations.
A. E. Shegolev, N. V. Klenov, I. I. Soloviev, M. V. Tereshonok

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Tunneling conductance of short-period superlattices with THz cavities.
I. V. Altukhov, S. E. Dizhur, M. S. Kagan, N. A. Khvalkovskiy, S. K. Paprotskiy, N. D. Il’inskaya, A. A. Usikova, Yu. M. Zadiranov, A. D. Buravlev, A. P. Vasil’iev, V. M. Ustinov, A. N. Baranov, R. Teissier

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Mechanism of change of power parameters in one-transistor generator caused by the generation of chaos.
S. V. Savel’ev, V. E. Sizov

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Assessment of impact of ionizing radiation on electronic components on the the base of testing of limited samples.
M .M.Venediktov, E. S. Obolenskaya, V. K. Kiselev, S.V. Obolensky.

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Practical aspects of creating a quantum standard of current.

I. A. Cohn, A. N. Vystavkin, A. S. Ilin, A. G. Kovalenko.

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Superconducting integrated receiver: recent achievements and new applications.
N. V. Kinev, P. N. Dmitriev, L. V. Filippenko, O. S. Kiselev, E. G. Domracheva, E. A. Sobakinskaya, V. L. Vaks, H. B. Wang, V. P. Koshelets.

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Bolometers based on the structure superconductor-insulator-normal metal with normal metal suspended bridges.
R.Yusupov, M.Fominsky, V.Edelman, M.Tarasov, A.Yurgens
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4H-SiC ÌÎS transistors with accumulation-type n-channel: spatial distribution of free electrons under the gate.
P. À. Ivanov, À. S. Potapov, S. B. Rybalka, À. À. Malakhanov
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Mathematics model of powerful amplifying cascade on a bipolar transistor.
S. V. Savel'ev
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Parametric enhancement of SERS by phonons of metallic plasmonic structures.
Yu. Shishkov, E. S. Andrianov, A. A. Pukhov, A. P. Vinogradov

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Double stabilization of magnetic oscillations frequencies in ferrite films.
V. V. Shagaev, V. I. Detyuk, Tun Tun Lin

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Distributed arrays of cryogenic bolometers with integrating cavity beam matching.
M.A. Tarasov, S. Mahashabde, A.A. Gunbina, M.Yu. Fominskii, R.A. Yusupov, A.B. Ermakov, À.Ì. Chekushkin, A.S. Sobolev, V.S. Edelman, M.A. Mansfeld, V.F. Vdovin

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Influence of radiation blistering on electrical resistance, 3D morphology of the indium antimonide structure for Hall converters.
I. V. Perinskaya

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Investigation of structure and physical properties of alloys from the Fe-Ni-Co-Al family.

V.V. Koledov, E.T. Dilmieva, V.S. Kalashnikov, A.P. Kamantsev, A.V. Mashirov, S.V. von Gratowski, V.G. Shavrov, Yu.S. Koshkid’ko, A.V. Koshelev, S.V. Taskaev, V. Sampath, I.I. Musabirov, F.V. Chung, R.M. Grechishkin

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Measurement of thermal resistance of solar modules by modulation method.

V. I. Smirnov, V. A. Sergeev, A. A. Gavrikov
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The stability of a heterojunction light-emitting device to the influence of microwave radiation.

V. L. Vesnin, V. A. Sergeev, A. M. Hodakov, I. V. Frolov
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Dynamic characteristics and quantum efficiency of separate spectral components of the electroluminescence spectrum of InGaN LEDs.
I. V. Frolov, O. A. Radaev, V. A. Sergeev

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 Scattering of spin waves by the interface of biaxial ferromagnets.
V. D. Poimanov, V. V. Kruglyak, V. G. Shavrov

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  Receiving carbon and nitrogen-containing layers on the surface of metals of integrated circuits of super-high frequencies ionic modifying.
I. V. Perinskaya, V. V. Perinsky

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  Studying the frequency characteristics of THz quantum cascade lasers with using the open optical resonator.
V. A. Anfertev, V. L. Vaks, A. I. Reutov, A. N. Baranov, R. Teissier

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   Dispersion of natural oscillations of magnetic moments in a permalloy film: Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering data.
V. D. Bessonov, A V. Telegin, V. A. Bessonova, V. S. Teplov, M. A. Milyaev, Yu. P. Sukhorukov

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